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Divorce, Child Custody & Support, and Paternity

Whether you are getting a divorce, seeking assistance with child support or trying to prove your child's paternity, Attorney Maria Dugan can help you accomplish your goals.


Divorce is one of life's most difficult transitions. If you are thinking of filing for divorce in Missouri, or if your spouse has already filed, you need a qualified Kansas City Divorce Lawyer on your side throughout the proceedings. Attorney Maria Dugan has many years of experience representing clients involved in divorce cases, and she can help to ensure that your interests are accurately represented at all times.

Child Custody

If you and your child's other parent aren't living together, a formal child custody agreement is recommended. In the state of Missouri, preference is not shown to the mother or the father when custody arrangements are determined, and all arrangements are made to suit the best interests of the child. Attorney Maria Dugan understands all of the factors used to determine child custody, and she can help you maximize the time you are able to spend with your children.

Child Support

Under Missouri law, both parents are responsible for supporting a child financially. When parents don't live together or cannot agree on financial support issues, the custodial parent can collect child support from the non-custodial parent. Child support amounts depend on the incomes of both parents, financial needs of the child and current custody arrangements. Whether you are seeking to establish child support, modify an existing order or enforce an existing order, your Kansas City Child Support Attorney can help.


Both child custody and child support orders require the establishment of paternity. If the parents were married at any time during pregnancy or at the time of the child's birth, paternity is established automatically. However, if the parents were not married, paternity can be established through an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity or the results of a genetic test. If you need to establish the paternity of your child for any purpose, Maria Dugan Law can provide guidance and representation.

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